About Us

Who we are

MCI Engineering Ltd is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic devices for rapid prototyping. We offer components, integrated circuits, equipment, tools and kits together with examples and tutorials for our customers to develop easily and quickly their complex ideas.

Our products are designed to facilitate the development of prototypes and specialized solutions that present barriers decreasing the use of new technologies, so that our customers can start with blocks that have already been tested and have examples of use that will lead to achieving their goal quickly and effectively.

Additionally, MCI provides engineering service for those who need custom designs and solutions for their particular industry.

What We Want?

We want to be leaders in our field, constantly offering new and attractive products, without neglecting the quality in care to our customers in the design and manufacture of our devices. Our service should highlight to respond promptly, have stock, generate easy access to our products and minimize delivery times.

We aim to develop innovative products that meet the manufacturing standards that allow us to market them reliable in the world.

We wish to approach our clients creating communities that share information related to the electronic development, encouraging the exchange of information between them.

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For sales and information:

2 2333 9579 / 2 2231 9268

For technical support:

+56 2 2335 0589

Delivery within 48hrs working hours

For orders placed before 12:00 Hrs

We offer technical support in our store and we take care of your doubs and/or technicals concerns.

Technical Support Team

We are an ISO9001/2008 Certificated Company

Certified by Bureau Veritas Chile